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Program for December 2021

On Mondays 6th, 13th & 20th 
Theatre workshop
with Benedikt Müller / Max Büttner

On Thursdays 2cd, 9th & 16th
Senses & Movements with Anna d'Errico


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Senses & Movements

In Frankfurt am Main
Thursdays 2cd, 9th and 16th 

7:00 - 9:00 PM

Dance & Theatre with Anna D’Errico

This workshop explores the possibility of embodying senses and sensory stimuli in your own movement and use them as inspirational tools for composition and improvisation.

The work starts with a warm-up using combined techniques from yoga and continues with body work based on self-perception principles to explore reaction to specific movements and your senses, and progress with exercise on improvisation and dance - theater.



Art & Shamanism

In Frankfurt am Main

Meditation connected to
theatre and dance.

Discover the secrets to enter in a deeper level of mind to reach different and richer states of being, making your art and your approach to life change.

Artists and shamans have one thing in common: they both use altered states of consciousness to create realities. Both are able of drawing new realities.



Ecstatic Dance

Possible offer 

Being in a free space and going on a journey in your own body and movements.
Ecstatic Dance has no shape or strict movements, it is only about following the natural movements of your body connected to music!
The dance is like a ritual with a guided beginning and guided end in the group, it is 2 hours long in total.

Live music by Ruben Wielsch, Gerardo Vitale & more!
Led by Effi Bodensohn


Capoeira training selected.jpg

Capoeira Angola

In Frankfurt am Main

The cultural space protagon e.V. is glad to announce that the Capoeira Angola training will continue in spring 2022 every Wednesday at 19:00. 


Get in touch with the trainer Thiago for being updated: +491775400938

See you then!


The Afro-diasporic body

Possible offer

With the rhythm of the drums, perception and "empowerment" (self-determination) of the body can be discovered in this course. Images and movements of the Afro-Brazilian symbology and its rhythm can be experienced. Movement (dance) in the context of the diaspora has always been helpful to feel one's own identity and ground. This is reflected, among other things, in the Brazilian culture in which the theater educator and choreographer Barbara grew up.

No previous experience is required! All are welcome.