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Upcoming Open Trainings 

Realations(s) 3/10 h. 19
Stories & Encounters 10/10 h. 19
REALation(s) 17/10 h.19
Stories & Encounters 24/10 h.19
Intuitive Tango:  31/10, 7/11 and 14/11 h.19


REALation(s) - Open Training

During this Open Training session, through my body and voice work, in contact with the other person and with the group, I explore the infinity of existing relationships and the complexity of my presence.
All levels welcome, bring comfortable clothes..
How to join donation based? --> Bring somebody to the Open Training


Stories & Encounters

Open Training

At the center of the training is the encounter with the other. In the interplay of expression and perception, action and reaction with one or more partners, we seek a state of presence and flow. Using tools from physical theater, we want to translate the small stories emerging from the joint improvisation into powerful moving images and short scenes - emotional, funny, or absurd. The focus is on your own body and voice, but working with objects or text can also enrich the process. Each session begins with a playful warm-up and exercises for body and voice, and then moves into clearly structured improvisation and composition situations.
All levels welcome, is possible to join one or all the sessions.
Bring comfortable clothes.
How to join donation based? --> Send this invitation to a friend or bring somebody to the Open Training



Open Training.
The AFRO-DIASPORIC BODY -  Open training on Wednesday is suspended until the end of The International Frauen* Theater Festival.

With the rhythm of the drums, perception and empowerment of the body can be discovered in this course.
Images and movements of the Afro-Brazilian symbology and its rhythm can be experienced.
Movement (dance) in the context of the diaspora has always been helpful to feel one's own identity and ground.
Open level
How to participate donation-based?
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DISTANZ Dachverband Tanz #afrobeats #afrodance


antagon impro night

The antagon ensemble will perform free #improvisation on stage, accompanied as always by #livemusic.

You are warmly invited to be there.

After the session, there will be a small sharing moment to share what we have seen and experienced and to round off the evening together.