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An offenen Trainings teilnehmen

Open trainings: Inventario

In Orberstr. 57, Frankfurt am Main
Lassen Sie uns wissen, dass Sie kommen

WhatsApp: +33 6 42 90 68 88

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Vom 27.01.2023 bis 12.02.2023
Sie können an den Workshops des Winterwerft-Festivals teilnehmen
Anmeldung und Informationen zu und 

Die Open Trainings finden Mitte März 2023 wieder statt
Bis bald in Orber Straße! 


Kunka Nuna - Open Training

Monday 20/27 March and 3 April at 7PM

Are you ready to connect with the spirits that surround us and explore your innate connection to nature? Join us for an unforgettable experience in Kunka Nuna, the Quechua term for "The voice of the Spirit."

Our gestaltic environment is a living being, and in this Open Training, we will learn how to listen to and express ourselves through poetry and movement. By embodying the forms of organic natural entities such as birds, stones, and roots, we will discover how they communicate with our subconscious mind, revealing a world of endless possibilities.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer, this Open Training welcomes all levels. So, bring a friend or two, wear your comfortable clothes, and let's create and experience together.

And the best part? Our Open Training is donation-based, so everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of their financial situation. So, what are you waiting for? Join us now and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection with the world around us!

Lead Simone Galli

The fluid Body-01-01.jpg

The Fluid Body: fusion dance-theater 

Thursday 23 and 30 March at 7P

When a moving body is dancing and when is acting? During these sessions we will explore the possibilities of dance and choreographic movement for acting, and for theatrical action becoming dance. 

Using dance elements from different cultural heritages and traditions (i.e. North Africa and Mid.East; flamenco, Indian dance, contemporary dance) and principles of physical theater and dance-theater, we will develop short choreographic and personalized movement sequences. 

The work starts with a warm-up using combined techniques from yoga and dance, and continues with body work based on self-perception principles to explore reaction to specific movements, fluidity, separation of body-parts, floor work, and progresses with exercise of fusion dance, improvisation and dance- theater.  

We will put physical theater inspirations and movement in dialogue, practicing sequence composition and stage presence. 

In some sessions there will be as well a short focus on cultural heritage of world dance in the context of decolonization and the contemporary artistic debate. 

With Anna D'Errico 

All levels welcome, bring comfortable clothes.   

How to join donation based? --> Send this invitation to a friend or bring somebody to the next Open Training 


The AFRO-DIASPORIC BODY -   Offenes Training mittwochs, kommt im April 2023 zurück!
Mit dem Rhythmus der Trommeln kann in diesem Kurs die Wahrnehmung und Stärkung des Körpers entdeckt werden.
Bilder und Bewegungen der afro-brasilianischen Symbolik und ihres Rhythmus werden erlebbar.
Bewegung (Tanz) im Kontext der Diaspora war schon immer hilfreich, um die eigene Identität und den eigenen Boden zu spüren.
Offene Ebene

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DISTANZ Dachverband Tanz #afrobeats #afrodanz


Antagon Impro-Nacht

Das Antagon-Ensemble spielt free #Improvisation auf der Bühne, wie immer begleitet von #Live Musik
Die antagon Impro-Nacht kommt im April zurückl 2023!

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